7 Tile cleaning mistakes you should never make by Golden Cleaners

In order to preserve the good looks of your tiles, you must invest some effort in cleaning in order to avoid common tile cleaning mistakes. A lot of people think that cleaning tiles is nothing but trivial, but that is not actually true. Tiles have become more demanding to clean than ever – that is, if you wish to follow manufacturer’s instructions on how to preserve them. If you want to ensure that your tiles remain in top shape, you must avoid certain cleaning mistakes.

Read on and take notes so that you don’t do the following tile cleaning mistakes:

  • Resorting to ammonia and bleach-based cleaning products – don’t ever use any cleaning detergent that has ammonia and bleach ingredients. These can easily cause discolouration to grout, especially if you clean regularly. It is not a sudden change that occurs, but rather gradual and slow. However, it has been proven that ammonia and bleach do cause some damage. There are plenty of mild all-purpose cleaners that you can use instead so definitely consider your products.
  • Intensive scrubbing – some scrubbing materials, such as abrasive scrubbers and steel wool shouldn’t ever be used on your tiles. The main issue with them is that they can damage the finish on tiles and scratch them. Your weapon of choice when it comes to cleaning tiles and grout should be soft microfiber cloths and mops.
  • Addressing stains after a while – the more you leave a stain on the grout, the less likely it is to clean it successfully. Stains seep into the grout and become permanent if not treated quickly. Wipe any tomato spills, oily stains and drinks quickly so that your grout is safe.
  • Not dusting often enough – every tile surface accumulates dirt and dust over time. It is your duty to clean it as often as you can, in order to prevent damage to grout and tiles. This may sound too bothersome, but a very quick sweep every day or a weekly mopping is more than enough to keep tiles looking great.
  • Using oil-based cleaners on glazed tiles – the main issue with glazed tiles is that they can become very slippery. Thankfully, any moisture left from cleaning quickly evaporates. However, when you use oil-based cleaners, you extend the time it takes for glazed surfaces to become safe. If you absolutely must use such products, make sure you place a ‘slippery floor’ sign next to the cleaned area to prevent accidents.
  • Using too much water – it is never a good idea to over-wet your tiles. The minerals found in tap water can leave your tiles and grout discoloured. In addition, the extra moisture can also cause mould and mildew growth. Using too much water on slow drying floors can also leave them looking in poor shape for a while. To avoid this, you should use water within reason.
  • Not reducing the dirt that goes on tiles – this is mostly valid for floor tiles. The most dirt usually comes from foot traffic, so it is important to prevent it as much as possible. One sure way to do it is to place a doormat where people can wipe their feet off.

Keep in mind these tile cleaning mistakes and make sure you avoid them. Only then can your tiles be maintained properly and look their best, as if cleaned by professional cleaners.

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