End of Tenancy Cleaning in Hull

Have you come to an end of a tenancy agreement and want a reliable end of tenancy cleaning company in Hull? You’re on the right place.

At Golden Cleaners we provide quality and reliable cleaning services in Hull and the whole of Yorkshire. It can take up to a large portion of a day for an appropriate domestic deep cleaning. However, there are three kinds of customers who would require such a cleaning service including landlords, tenants, and real estate agents.



  • Usually, to get your deposit back from your landlord or estate agents, you must leave the property in a clean condition.

Real Estate Agents

  • Sometimes real estate agents can occasionally take all the responsibility for themselves. We know all the requirements behind such as we have worked with many reputable estate agents who specialize in different areas such as students and individual accommodations. We can do your job and raise the property value.

Why Choose Golden Cleaners?

If you have a similar question on your mind then don’t worry, as we are here to clarify any question you may have.

Our end of tenancy cleaners in Hull is committed to providing reliable cleaning services, intending to accomplish remarkable results. Golden Cleaners staff are capable of demonstrating astounding high-quality skillset while performing deep cleaning. Our cleaning methods depend upon your needs as we work in a way that the customer wants. Along these lines, before starting any cleaning tasks our experts will check out the house or office length for any areas that would require more consideration while walking you through what will be done. Those are some of the main reasons which make us unique and elegant from other cleaning companies in Hull. Because our well-prepared end of tenancy cleaners in Hull is here to help you with any of your cleaning requirements.

What is included?

Bellow is a broken-down list of what is included as well as how our end of tenancy cleaners in Hull would perform all cleaning tasks.

Doors and Frames

  • All doors and frames will be cleaned to perfection as our end of tenancy cleaners in Hull would use high cleaning solutions. This is to make sure that any long term dirty would be removed.


  • Ovens are also a necessary item for almost every house. With their daily use, they also quickly become very grease and dirt. We remove built-up grease and polish any external chrome with a special domestic oven deep cleaning solution.

Kitchen Cupboards

  • We clean the top, inside of all cupboards and drawers to remove all old foodstuffs, grease and dispose of any unnecessary items.


  • Golden Cleaners end of tenancy cleaners in Hull would clean and defrost the refrigerator removing all grime, mildew and food deposits.


  • Bedrooms and furnishings including lights, doors, paintings, walls, ceilings, tv, carpets, and mattresses are carefully cleaned inside and out.


  • All windows are cleaned from the inside and the middle bit. Unfortunately, our end of tenancy cleaners in Hull are not capable of cleaning any windows from the outside. Because they do not have the equipment required to do so.


  • The whole house floors are mopped or vacuumed thoroughly as a part of the end of tenancy cleaning service. Including the bedrooms floor, kitchen tiles, lawn tiles, bathrooms tiles, as well as gardens also.


  • With high chances of germs growing in the bathroom. We make sure that the bath, shower cabin, countertops, sinks, toilets, bulbs, splash marks, mirrors are cleaned and polished.

How much for an end of tenancy cleaning in Hull?

Truly varies relying on the size of the property. On that basis, we calculate the price for your property using our pricing guidelines. Many companies offer you cheap cleaning services without seeing your property and then add more on top once they have seen it. At Golden Cleaners we would not do such. The price given to you on the phone would be a fixed price unless the cleaning service describes by you would happen to be very different from what we would see when we get there.

We have great experience cleaning in Hull and we’ll ensure that you are fully satisfied with our work.

We hope the information was enough for you to trust us with your cleaning service and East Yorkshire. However, if you still have any question please feel free to contact us on 01482 229012